Friday, January 28, 2011

Mubarak Still in Egypt, Will not Step Down

The people of the world have been asking exactly where Hosni Mubarak was for the last several hours.  In a speech that ended just moments ago, Mubarak showed that not only was he still in Egypt, but that he will try to hold on to power.

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Mubarak has asked his government to step down; however, this is most likely a vanity move.  Mubarak has considerable power in the country, regardless of what "government" is in place.

Full coverage at World Threats.
For the last four days, Egypt has been in chaos.  Today, it has reached its highest point.  Buildings are burning throughout Egypt, while protesters are being shot in the street.  The government has imposed a curfew, yet thousands are in the street calling for Mubarak to step down.

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