Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Link Fest

Here are some links that you should check out this Monday morning:

Jammie Wearing Fool has a new layout.

Reaganite Republican has an excellent of Ronald Reagan telling jokes.

The Lonely Conservative details officials who don't know the Constitution.

Mean ol' Meany talks about the moonbattery of J. Eric Fuller.

Pirate's Cove has the scoop on ridiculous theories about what Global Warming has caused.

Libertarian Republican details the new Miss America and her conservative stances.

Director Blue explains liberalism in a single picture.

World Threats discusses Iran's nutty president Ahmadinejad "press[ing] his luck."

Innominatus has his clever "comment of the week."

American Power Blog has a story about J. Eric Fuller's arrest.

IowaHawk is awesome, as always.

The Wild West Coconut Show details illogical liberal leaps in logic.

Not Another New England Sports Blog notes the death of an American hero.

Please bookmark!