Sunday, January 23, 2011

Liberals: Olbermann Lost His Job Because of Bush

Are you ready for tremendous leaps in logic?  Well, when discussing the left-wing in this country there is always a giant gap in thinking, but this takes the cake.

By now you know that MSNBC's Keith Olbermann is leaving the network.  The exact details are unclear; it is not known whether he was fired, left on his own, or both he and the channel came to some sort of agreement.  Either way, liberals are returning to the old stand-by that Olbermann himself helped start: it is all Bush's fault.

Now you might say to yourself: 'Wait, how could they say that?  Nobody except for Olbermann and NBC know why he was canned.  And anyway, Bush hasn't been in office for over two years.'  But you are forgetting who we are talking about: rabid Olbermann fans who only know one person to blame for everything.

So that is what they did.  The logic goes like this: Olbermann got his start during the Bush years and in that time Olbermann became popular with the left.  Eventually, Keith (as they tend to call him) became the beacon for liberalism and MSNBC rose from the ashes like a phoenix.  But you know who screwed it all up?  President Bush!  Why?  Because he had the nerve to leave office!

Since GW left office, they say, Keith hasn't been what he used to be.  He doesn't have all of those "war crimes" to rant about, so his message became less stinging.  Because of that, he lost viewership.  And because of that, MSNBC was able to let him go.  You see, Bush's fault!  It certainly can't be that all Olbermann ever had was anger for our 43rd President and nothing else!  It certainly cannot be that Olbermann was a liberal hack that only portrayed Gerorge W. Bush as a monster to simply get views!
But why am I speaking for these nut-cases.  Read for yourself.  For example, this excerpt from that asks:  "Is Olbermann the Victim of his Own Success?"  Steve Kornacki explains how Olbermann became a success because of his "blistering takedown" of the Bush Administration:
Millions of liberals were equally exasperated with the Bush administration; but few could express themselves as exquisitely and powerfully as Olbermann. They asked for more, and Olbermann gladly gave it to them.
According to Kornacki, this brought great viewership to MSNBC.  However, the network put more liberals on, leaving poor Keith as only one out of a chorus of liberals.  Kornacki concludes:
It used to be that he was the only reason liberals turned on their channel at night. Now he’s one of many reasons -- a victim of his own success, in other words.
Steve Kornacki is not the only one who somehow tries to blame Bush for Olbermann's departure.  Jaime Weinman on attributes Olbermann's success to his "fresh" insights on the Bush administration.  But, once again, when Bush left office, Olbermann just wasn't the same:
Olbermann’s impact has dulled somewhat since the Bush administration ended, or maybe even before that. Countdown was a fresh and surprising show in the mid-’00s, simply because it was doing something nobody else was doing on U.S. news. 
And of course there are the moronic comments from those shocked to learn that Olbermann was a partisan, like this comment on (yes, you read that right):
I used to watch Olbermann religiously when Bush was in office. He was truly serving them up every night. But ever since Obama got elected he continued to bash the GOP and Bush, but had little to say about Obama's Bush-like policies. It was then that I realized that he was more partisan that an independent thinker.
Or this one from, go figure, the Huffington Post:

It's called Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS).  The first step is admitting you have a problem.

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  1. Liberals: as ridiculous as ever

  2. my favorite was the one the suddenly realized Oberman was "not an independent thinker" If they weren't screwing the world up so would be funny some of the stuff liberals come up with.

  3. Well, not to stick up for the likes of HuffingGlue and Olby's crew, but methinks the analysis may be essentially correct -- Bush Derangement Syndrome is a genuine, psychiatrically determined pathology (by the illustrious Dr. Krauthammer), and Olberman's audience pretty much consisted of the afflicted, being led in same by a chief leader of the cult. It is only natural that, as Bush not only left office, but went pretty categorically silent, the afflicted and wallowers would then invitably move onto other fronts, as fleas and tick flee for fresh blood from a carcass that lives no more. Maybe KO just doesn't do Palin Derangment syndrome with the same flair, I dunno, I could never stand more that 30 seconds or so of him at a stretch.

    Remember, liberal hate is based entirely on the feelings of the moment, not any foundational values, so it is inevitable that their loves and hates should flit in and out of the room like sparrows.

  4. So according to salon, 0lberman is 'the victim of his own success'?

    Don't know how to break this to the MENSA candidates at salon, but having the highest rated program on MSNBC is like having the highest denominated Zimbabwean dollar bill- completely worthless no matter how big or inflated the numbers appear........