Thursday, January 27, 2011

DeMint Says 'No' to 2012 Run for President

 South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint has declared that he will not be running for the White House next year. DeMint, one of the strongest constitutionalists in the Senate, won re-election by a wide margin last year. DeMint is a strong fiscal conservative and has called for budget cuts in order to balance the federal deficit.

This news could either clear the primary field, or in fact, make it more muddled as other candidates join the fray. DeMint's announcement is not altogether unexpected, but it made clear his intentions. He had previously denied running for President, but many believed that the door could still be open due to excess spending and big government policies.

There is also a nascent 'Draft Jim DeMint' movement on the internet and his name is mentioned even in higher political circles. Last week he came in fifth in the New Hampshire straw poll above Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee. Despite the announcement, there will likely still be calls for his candidacy.

CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer asked DeMint, "Are you going to run for the Republican presidential nomination?"

DeMint responded, "No, no I'm not."
 The tone was very clear, although many who are running deny their candidacy at first but later announce it. In this case, DeMint may be concentrating on his work in the Senate, where he just sponsored a bill repealing ObamaCare.

So with Jim DeMint out of the running, who will take his place for the GOP on the primary ballot?

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  1. Even if DeMint does eventually decide to run, I don't think the country is ready for his kind of leadership. He's the kind of leader who will make the tough decisions that other pols are afraid of.

    I do wish he'd run...he's got my vote. None of the other candidates are even close.