Tuesday, January 11, 2011

42% of Democrats think Shootings 'Politically Motivated'

Even as more evidence mounts that Arizona shooter Jared Loughner was likely influenced most not by his politics (left-wing as they are) but his psycosis, the narrative is not fitting with all Americans. Loughner's insanity appears to be more and more clear as the days go on-- weird statements, drug habits, and outbursts in class.

He was a 9/11 Truther and opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and was a political independent. Yet for some reasons all of these antithetical items seem to just make people want to blame Sarah Palin all the more. Furthermore, his hatred of Congresswoman Giffords started before the Tea Party or Palin's national career.

Still, in a CBS poll, it appears that some still want to blame politics, and it would appear that the prime target remains the Tea Party. Even MSNBC said that there was no link to the movement... "yet" in their broadcast. However, many Democrats still see Loughner as a product of the Tea Party.

Democrats were more evenly divide - 49 percent said they saw no link between the shooting and the rhetoric, while 42 percent said they did see a tie. Among independents polled, 56 percent said they saw no connection and 33 percent said they did see one.
Just another disgusting politiziation of the horrific shootings on Saturday. Still without a shred of evidence. I don't expect to hear an apology from Paul Krugman anytime soon.

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