Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yogi Bear: The Worst Movie Ever?

The 'worst movie ever' is a term often thrown around when terrible movies are released.  The upcoming 3D film Yogi Bear takes its inspiration form a classic cartoon and apparently wrecks it. The acting seems staid and the jokes in the commercials are embarrassing. It could possibly be the worst feature film in history.

My personal favorite, of course, is Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece The Room.  Yet at least The Room has some redeeming features, mainly the fact that it is so bad, it is good.  For example, please enjoy this quick summary of the movie:

The soon to premier Yogi Bear, unlike The Room, looks to have absolutely no merit.  It looks absolutely atrocious.  Dear God, just look at the trailer:

I think my eyes are bleeding.

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  1. Both look horrible, but I must see The Room now to compare it to what I have found to be the worst movie ever, Southland Tales.

    I hated Yogi as a cartoon, I can't imagine seeing it with these whatever the Hell they are, in 3-D no less.

  2. Look up "MANOS, The Hand of Fate" and you will relish 100 back-to-back viewings of Yogi.

  3. Actually, I have seen Manos, thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K). That, my good sir, is an unbelievably bad film.

  4. Adults will be thrilled to see Anna Faris as nature documentarian Rachel. Greeting Yogi by speaking in "brown bear," the actress never fails to be seriously goofy.Here watch Yogi Bear online very easily .