Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"This Seat Reserved For Non-Wussies"

Governor Rendell has recently appeared on numerous media outlets (Fox News, NBC, and ESPN) to proclaim that the National Football League, and Americans in general, have become wussified. Rendell, who is in the final week of his term-limited Administration, started his anti-wussy outburst when the NFL cancelled Sunday night's primetime NBC matchup between the Vikings and the hometown Eagles, out of concern for public safety.

The Eagles, who are not pleased with Ed Rendell's campaign, had a little present for him at last night's long awaited football game, and it wasn't a victory:

The Minnesota Vikings won with relative ease last night, not one inch of snow was on the ground (and nothing out of the ordinary fell on Sunday night), and Governor Ed Rendell has become the official spokesmen of all things manly. What has happened to this nation is a damn fine question, but I prefer to focus on our weakened will to fight wars; not our weakened will to attend NFL games during massive snow storms.

So what say you?

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