Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Metrodome, The Taxes, and The Vikings.

The Metrodome,

The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome roof collapsed under the weight of 17.1 inches of snow last night. Leaving the sorry Minnesota Vikings without a home stadium for this week's game against the New York Giants team. The stadium is twenty-eight years old, and can hold over 64,000 fans at any given NFL game.

The Taxes,

Public Policy Polling recently found that 49% of Minnesota voters would rather have the Vikings leave for greener pastures, such as California, than to publicly fund a new stadium with taxpayer dollars via increased taxes. With the stadium situation reaching a zenith of epic proportions with yesterday's snow storm, one must wonder whether the voters will change their minds on public funding.

and The Vikings.

How could this season get any worse for Minnesota? Not one aspect of this long season has gone right to this point - Brett Farve is a disaster, Brad Childress was fired, Chicago's leading the NFC North, voters would rather see them leave than pay a little extra in taxes, and the teflon roof of the Metrodome collapsed.

The perfect conditions are aligning in Minnesota for the team to leave. Besides for the dedication of the Vikings fanbase week in, and week out, I don't see why the team would want to remain in the great north. They need a new dome, a new quarterback, and a new source of revenue to help fund the new dome they need.

Will the fans, politicians, and voters of Minnesota approve of what is needed to keep the Vikings in state? We shall see in the coming months, and years.

What do you think?

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  1. I'm a former Minnesota resident, a Minnesota Vikings fan, but I'm also a taxpayer fed up with billionaires and millionaires asking the taxpayer to build them a stadium. No other kind of business gets the taxpayers to build companies warehouses or factories. The Vikings can go to any bank, get a loan, and build their own stadium. If not, then see ya.

    The real Viking sports are hockey and wrestling anyway, and that will never change as being top dog in Minnesota anyway.