Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cuba Launches EcuRed, A "Non-Imperialist" Version of Wikipedia

It looks like Fidel Castro got tired of looking himself up on Wikipedia, as Cuba has launched EcuRed.  The site touts itself as non-imperialist; it is also designed for Mozilla Firefox because foxes are apparently communists.

The site's default language is Spanish, but don't let that stop you from checking out all of the biased goodness.  For example, it has an extensive article for the "Estados Unidos," or the United States.  Here is a translated paragraph about the United States' supposed imperialism:
"The national image that the United States see themselves as protectors and defenders of the law, freedom and democracy, is based on the belief that they possess moral superiority (because they are the "chosen people"). This assumption has allowed them to justify their interference in the internal affairs of other people (who are not "chosen of God") or outright violence against them."
The first interventionist attitude inspired by the spirit of "Manifest Destiny" was the obsession of the English settlers to be moved from their land (or kill) to Native Americans. As for his relationship with other nations, America tends to manage their external relations as if it were a moral crusade. Usually justify their actions with two arguments, whether the "strong nation that protects the weak", as you can see the vast majority of the American nations, or rather of "the struggle against evil to defend freedom and security the world, "as currently claims about their invasion of Afghanistan."
The website then goes on to say that our nation is not, in fact, ruled by its voters, but by the government.  I'm sure you can see the irony in the fact that Cuba is that way and not us:
"The American electoral system, despite his character central to the political system of that country, presents a series of increasingly sharp contradictions to the extent that the nation has expanded both territorially and in terms of the definition of regional and global imperialist interests. The participation of citizens in the electoral process, either as voters or as candidates, has serious disabilities that make the practice more and more away from what can be considered paradigmatic in the exercise of democracy.
They put many impediments to the electors vote as the elections are held on a weekday and you have to go to work the polling station where appropriate, as voting is not compulsory and the responsibility to vote rests entirely on the city, many people do not vote."
On the bright side, EcuRed references CNN in its article about the United States.

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