Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Carter: "Good Faith Negotiations" Can Change North Korea's Mind

North Korea, which has kidnapped American journalists, developed nuclear weapons and developed nuclear reactors, and has bombarded South Korea with artillery, deserves another chance according to former President Jimmy Carter.

In a statement to AP, Carter, known for constant and serious foreign relations gaffes during his Presidency, said that he had faith in North Korea's ability to stop being belligerent.  "I hope that we'll soon have an agreement with North Korea to denuclearize the whole peninsula, and to have...a peace treaty," Carter said.

He went on to say, "I believe having met with the North Koreans that they're willing to do that on their own terms...but if we can modify their terms with good faith negotiations, maybe we'll have peace and no nuclear weapons on their peninsula."

Remember, this comes from the man who got a "promise" from North Korea to not produce nuclear weapons.  We all know how that ended.  Now he wants us to believe that he has some keen insight into North Korea's psyche.
I say this to Jimmy Carter: no thank you.  Thanks to your gaffes as a President, the Soviet Union grew stronger and the United States suffered from stag-flation.  After you left office, you have made foreign policy gaffe after foreign policy gaffe that has injured our nation.  You even put a stamp of approval on corrupt elections throughout the world, including Iran last year.

Speaking of which, Iran fell into the hand of Islamic fundamentalist during the Presidency of Jimmy Carter and rebels took Americans as hostages.  Carter floundered under pressure and these Americans were hostages for 444 days.  20 minutes after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, the Americans were on their way home.

I'm sorry, but we must go into this intelligently.  We certainly cannot listen to a failed President.

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