Wednesday, November 24, 2010

UN to Give North Korea MORE Aid after Attack on South Korea

Is there any doubt that the United Nations is utterly out of touch with reality and how to get anything done in the real world?  As North Korea illegally and aggressively shelled an island in South Korea this week, most rational people believe that the world must get tough on North Korea.  Some believe in threats, others suggest boycotts, while others favor arming South Korea.  What does the United Nations favor?  Giving North Korea more money.

How does this make sense in any way?  Obviously it does not, unless you consider appeasement a viable strategy in stopping a belligerent nation.  History proves over and over again that appeasement does not work in almost any form, especially not when you give a rogue nation extra money, which they can then use to build weapons.

Yet, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon believes giving North Korea more aid can work:
"Ban, the former foreign minister of South Korea, wants to engage more deeply in confidence-building measures to reassure a skeptical world of the positive impact of engaging North Korea peacefully."
Remember, this is the same North Korea that just attacked Ban's own home country.  The same country that has ignored the world for years.  The same country that is starving its own people.  The same country that is building a nuclear arsenal.  And Ban and the United Nations wants to give it more money and aid.  This is ridiculous.

Here is a picture of the attack that the North unleashed earlier this week:
I'm sorry, but there is no way that anyone who saw this act of aggression should think, 'That totalitarian government deserves more money!'

A new document from the UN explains ideas on how to deal with North Korea:
"'Make a focused effort to re-engage' with North Korea and other countries most closely affected by the crisis even as the security situation worsens as a result of North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and aggressive conventional military actions...
Launch a new public relations campaign with aid-giving countries to rekindle their enthusiasm for giving money to North Korea, including “donor briefings,” “targeted visits” to aid-giving capitals, and sponsorship of an aid-giving “donors tour” of North Korea next year."
This is ridiculous.

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