Monday, November 15, 2010

Reid: My Victory was "Child's Play," My Campaign was "Terminator-like"

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who won re-election to his Senate seat nearly two weeks ago in a tight race against Republican challenger Sharron Angle, has decided to not take the high road.  Instead, he has decided to be completely smug, showing voters that Angle was, all along, right about his elitism.

To see his egotism, all one has to do is take a look at his campaign site.  In an article on his campaign site entitled, "Harry Reid’s near-perfect game plan makes victory look like child’s play," Reid gives himself a nice pat on the back.  The article, which Reid posted and which also appeared in the Las Vegas Sun, a liberal mouth-piece, Reid explains how he planned a "decisive victory" over Ms. Angle:
"Adopt a catch phrase for your opponent and repeat it relentlessly. For Angle, it was “extreme and dangerous.” The phrase appeared in commercials and was featured in virtually every speech given on Reid’s behalf. Exit polls showed many Reid voters picked the incumbent because they thought Angle was too extreme."
Notice that Reid never mentions the word "truth." He simply states that you should repeat a "catch phrase over and over again.  However, if you believe that Angle was the only person that Reid attacked in this article, you are mistaken.  Reid also went after his son Rory:
"Avoid people who could hurt you even if it’s your son. Reid never appeared publicly with gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid, fearing the appearance of a political dynasty would turn off voters. Father and son held separate fundraising events and rallies, even if they had the same speakers, such as former President Bill Clinton, stumping for them."
Once again, truth is no where to be seen.  Reid simply states that "fearing the appearance of a political dynasty would turn off voters."  He never said that it wasn't, just that it would turn voters away.
Reid: Thinks he's better than you
In another article from Reid's campaign site, he has no problem patting himself on the back and comparing himself to an unstoppable killing machine.  In an article entitled, "One word: Preparation," Reid refers to a character that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous:
"The Reid organization’s Terminator-like single-mindedness, relentlessness and discipline turned preparation into the most satisfying victory of Reid’s career, a resurrection unthinkable most of the year by the Beltway cognoscenti."
Unfortunately, come January, Reid will indeed "be back," despite the Republican wave that occurred two weeks ago.  Not only that, but Reid clearly has not learned his lesson; he continues to be smug, amateurish, and elitist.

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