Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rangel: There is "No Evidence of Corruption"

Representative Charles Rangel was found guilty today of numerous ethics violations by a House Committee.  While some would be humbled by the findings, Rangel is instead declaring that there is "no evidence of corruption" at all and that the Committee acted unconstitutionally.

While many see Rangel's guilt as a slam dunk, and while others state that his corruption is irrefutable, Rangel does his best to discredit the panel that found him guilt.  First he declares that there is absolutely no evidence against him, even though a panel of multiple people found him guilty on 11 counts of violations:
Rangel then links to an article (which he himself wrote) in which he elaborates on his defense of himself, while spouting lies about the Committee that found him guilty.

According to Rangel, he was denied his "due process rights" and his "right to counsel."  We all know this is not true, as Rangel's own legal team quit two months ago.  In other words, not only did he already have at least two months (and in fact had more), he already had "counsel."  They quit on him because he was so obviously corrupt and he disagreed with them on legal strategies.

Rangel goes on to say:
"While I am required to accept the findings of the Ethics Committee, I am compelled to state again the unfairness of its continuation without affording me the opportunity to obtain legal counsel as guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.

This unfair decision is the inevitable result of the Committee's insistence on moving forward despite the absence of any legal representation on my behalf.  The Committee elected to reject my appeal for additional time to secure new counsel and thus acted in violation of the basic constitutional right to counsel."
I know that the vast majority of this is Rangel intentionally lying and trying to make it seem that the House Committee is out to get him, but I honestly wonder if he believe the lies that he is spewing.  Either way, he's guilty, both in the eyes of the public and now officially.
Oh, and Rangel was reelected two weeks ago with 81% of the vote.

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