Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pelosi: We Put 'Convictions over Politics'

Nancy Pelosi will not be the Speaker of the House come January, but she's certainly telling everyone that she was one of the best in this nation's history. On Pelosi's website she chronicles why she's running for the House minority leader position, despite being one of the most disliked and divisive Democratic leaders.

She, of course, explains that the Congress 'saved' the economy and couches the Democratic 'accomplishments' with a supreme amount of spin. With her, they were able to rescue the economy through their 'productive' actions-- making them historic, too! Her site is filled with the ordinary liberal hackery but it appears that in her own method of clinging to power it has become particularly both interesting and sickening.

Furthermore, the San Francisco Congresswoman spends the next two paragraphs explaining that ObamaCare must be saved from the Republican onslaught and that she and the Democrats will work in a bipartisan way! Just like they have been for the last two years?

Wow. Can you wait until he moment that she is no longer Speaker of the House?

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