Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ohio Governor Results-- Kasich v. Strickland

The race for the Governor of Ohio remains tight with incumbent Ted Strickland still trailing Republican John Kasich. Strickland is largely blamed for the loss of thousands of jobs during the economic downturn while Kasich is well-regarded as a former Congressman. This is one of the hardest-fought races in the country right now, with Strickland intentionally tacking to the left in hopes of rallying the working class.

Kasich has run a very effective campaign, both building up his record but holding Strickland responsible for his role during the Great Recession. So far this strategy appears to be working.

Kasich (R): 36.1%
Strickland * (D): 61.3
* Denotes incumbent
Precincts in: .6%

The low number of undecideds previously polledare hurting Strickland, as he will essentially need all to win the race. Furthermore, this late in the race undecideds tend to break away from the incumbent, further helping Kasich.

The White House has poured a lot of resources into this race, with the President personally campaigning for Strickland. A GOP win may be just what is needed to put this state red again.

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