Monday, November 01, 2010

Nevada Senate Polls

Reid again appears to be having difficulty building traction among Nevada voter and is not well liked by independents. Furthermore, Angle actually crosses the 50% mark, a near death-knell for Reid. Reid won by a bare smidgen in the 1998 race, almost losing in a good Democratic year.

Angle (R): 50%

Reid  * (D): 47%
Other/und: 3%
* Denotes incumbent.

This poll was conducted by Rasmussen, the most accurate of the national pollsters. With the number of undecided voters falling the chances of Reid catching up is growing smaller by the day. Furthermore, undecided voters this late in a race tend to break away from the incumbent. Reid has to pretty much win ALL of these voters to stay competitive.

Angle has been out-fundraising Reid, as well, which is further hurting his campaign. He used a lot of negative ads early, which sunk Angle a bit but did not add to his numbers. With all of those chambers exhausted the only thing he has left is to run on his own record.

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