Monday, November 01, 2010

Murray v. Rossi Polls

Rossi has been campaigning hard of late, hoping to avoid the 2004 results which showed him ahead in the vote after the initial count and two recounts before votes appeared causing him to bow out of the Governor's race. Still, it appears that Rossi needs to build a substantial lead if he would like to prevent that from happening again.

According to the newest poll [warning, PDF], that's not happening.

Murray * (D): 51%
Rossi (R): 43%
Other/und: 6%
* Denotes incumbent

Notice that Murray has gotten above the all-important 50% mark. If the poll is accurate it shows that Rossi may be in substantial trouble. Even with the support of all of the undecided voters, Rossi could not make up the margin.

Among all registered voters, Murray falls to 48% and Rossi rises to 44%. This is a small positive sign but in most projection models these are the less likely voters to turn out. Even worse, among all registered voters, President Obama still has a positive approval rating, 47%-46%

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