Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Month in Review

It's been a very busy past 30+ days.  With a major election to cover, links from some of the best sites on the internet, and crazy political stories, Pundit Press has been quite active.  I'm writing this two days late, so technically it's a month plus two; here was our last.  But without further ado, our month in review:

Amount of Articles in the Last Month per authorof which there were 808 posts (yes, 808!)-

Aurelius led the way with 489 posts, or 60.5% of the articles
Thomas Ferdousi came in second with 238 pieces, or 29.5% of the articles
Mr. K came in third with a solid 66, or 8.2% of the articles
Unlikely Hospitalist came in fourth with 12, or 1.5% of the articles
Dr. Robert Owens came in fifth with 3 articles, or .3% of the articles

Top Views per Writer for an Article, of which there were 54,325 pageviews total (a 69% increase!)-

Thomas Ferdousi led the way by far with his article VIDEO: Democrat Gets Booed for Blaming Bush-- In Massachusetts!  The piece received 12,322 pageviews, or 22.7% of the views over the last month.  It was also linked on Instapundit.  Thomas also garnered us another 3,682 views, or 6.8%, with his coverage of the Rally to Restore Sanity, better known as "Smug-Fest."

Mr. K's best article came with The Positives of George W. Bush.  It garnered 602 views, or 1.1% of the views.  It was also linked on Michelle Malkin.

Aurelius's best article was Grayson: Glenn Beck can "Stick it," which received 537 views, or 1% of the views.  Glenn Beck's The Blaze linked to it.

Unlikely Hospitalist's biggest article was The Big Scandal, which received 32 pageviews, or .05% of the views.

Dr. Robert Owens's biggest article was My Name’s America and I’m a Debt-a-holic, which received 29 views, or .05% of the views.

Those that linked to us:

We at Pundit Press appreciate those that took the time to link to us.  To give back, we link back to them below (sorry if we miss anyone):

Reaganite Republican
Lonely Conservative
Pirate's Cove
Michelle Malkin
Atlas Shrugs
Gateway Pundit
The Blaze
Director Blue
The Wild West Coconut Show
Conservative Minority

Odds and Ends-

-Pundit Press covered hundreds of elections, including polls and results.
-We're up to 40 Followers.
-Our Alexa ranking is up to 516,400, up (or down) over 500,000 from 1,106,932 last month.


I forgot to include two new stats:  Most prolific commenter and favorite commenter, which goes to the person who commented the most on posts and the person whose comments are the best, respectively:

Aurelius had by far the most comments.
Paul Mitchell (who writes for Mean 'ol Meany) was our favorite commenter.

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  1. Naw, it doesn't hurt my feelings that y'all did not say that I linked.

    But, keep up the great work.