Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Explosive Package Sent to German Chancellor

Following the explosives sent from Yemen over the weekend, a package with explosives has been sent to the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.  Luckily, the Chancellor is not in Berlin and did not come in contact with the package.

It is being reported that no one was injured, but that German police confirmed that there were indeed explosives inside the package.

Communist guerrillas plagued Germany through the 1970s and 1980s, but by the early 1990s these attacks ceased.  With what is known from the packages sent during the weekend, this is most likely the work of terrorists outside of the country.
Sources state that "some media state that police have confirmed that explosives have been uncovered in the package."

Likely, this could be a "warning" from the Pakistani Taliban or from Al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula.  German has 4,500 troops in Afghanistan, so terrorists could be trying to affect a German pullout similar to the United States' pullout in Iraq.

Germany, France and Italy were under a terrorist thread approximately three weeks ago, which caused famous landmarks across Europe to be closed several times.  The potential attacks were considered imminent and this package could be from the same cell.

Police have not stated who they think is responsible.  We expect further details to come out soon.

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