Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Strong DioGuardi Campaign Puts the Senate Back in Play

Joe DioGuardi claims he would be the 10th Senate republican needed to change control of the upper chamber from democrat to republican. Of course, that is reason enough to support and vote for Mr. DioGuardi, but he is a strong candidate for many reasons......

With less than a month to Election Day, few New Yorkers outside his old congressional district know who he is, and he has little organizational support because he openly feuded with the state Republican Party in the course of winning the party primary last month.

And to have a realistic chance at defeating Ms. Gillibrand, he must overcome the state's 2-to-1 Democratic registration advantage.

Polls differ on how much ground Mr. DioGuardi has to make up. One survey put him within six percentage points, while another found him 11 points behind.

Yet he's already defeated one well-funded candidate in his own party, and he insists that is because his message is finally ripe for the political moment, at a time when voters are angry about stimulus spending, bailouts, and soaring government debt.

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