Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pelosi's Website Touts Accomplishments While Speaker: Cutting Deficits, Building Surpluses

Nancy Pelosi may be one of the few Democrats in Congress that is not in trouble this fall, but that does not mean that she has a grip on reality. The Congresswoman from San Francisco is one of the most powerful yet most despised Speakers that the House of Representatives has seen in a half-century.

Pelosi is attempting to bolster whatever credibility she has left by making some outrageous claims on her Speaker website. The image below is an actual screenshot from her site, claiming that her plans in Congress will cut the "Bush deficit" by half and that she implemented a plan to restore surpluses once again.
Pelosi's other accomplishments according to the site? Well, none other than presiding over the worst job losses in thirty years, of course. Taking no responsibility for all of the job losses since the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress in 2007, she claims that their role has made the economy better. In fact, so much better that:
Naturally, her website is filled with just about all of the spin that you could imagine an elitist like her would produce. She has an entire section of her site claiming that the Democrats are fixing the deficit, because of course before she showed up:

In the Bush years, waste and fraud in federal spending spiraled out of control – with no-bid, cost-plus contracts going to politically-connected companies, such as Halliburton.
My goodness, I hope those deficits of $150 billion before the Democrats took over Congress don't exceed the $1.5 trillion deficits we're running today. She also has an entire subpage touting how the economy is rebounding. At the pace she seems to be painting that the majority of Americans should be multimillionaires shortly.

Needless to say, I believe that this picture alone shows you all that we need to know about Pelosi and the 111th Congress:


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  1. She has so much to be proud of. She is either a liar or she is delusional. Neither bode well for her constituents of California or the country....

  2. Queen Nancy also said to the peasants: "Let them eat cake!"