Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lingle for Senate in 2012?

Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle (R) 2012 for United States Senate?

I know, I know.

We're just three weeks away from the single most important mid-term election in America's long history, and here I am bringing up a possible candidate for the United States Senate in a State as Democratic blue as Vermont, but as far away as possible - in the year 2012. Potential victories in 2012, are just as important as potential victories in three weeks, and four years.

Governor Linda Lingle, who's term-limited, would be the perfect Republican to challenge the incumbent Senator, due to her solid approval (for a Republican) ratings in the state, her solid support for marriage* as has always been defined, and her two electoral victories in a State that hasn't elected a Republican to the United States Senate in over four decades.

Governor Lingle mentioned to a local television station that she would "take a serious look" at running in the 2012 Senatorial election against Senator Daniel Akaka. Meanwhile, over at Public Policy Polling, they attempted to downplay Ms.Lingle's good approval ratings to appease their liberal overlords.

Linda Lingle 2012? I'm on board!

Also, what's wrong with looking forward to 2012? Do not tell me that people are not looking forward to defeating Al Franken in 2014.

* - Traditional Marriage is very important in the State of Hawaii.

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