Thursday, October 28, 2010

Election 2010: Muri is within three points of Smith in WA-9

Representative Adam Smith (D-Washington's 9th district) was seemingly not a prime target for Republicans heading into the final stretch; he's been elected to the House seven times, he's been labeled a Centrist Democrat, even though his voting record is quite Liberal, and the Cook Political Report has the race in the Likely Democrat category.

All of those reasons Representative Smith was not a "prime target", obviously made him a "prime target" to the voters of Washington's 9th district. Because, according to a a brand new poll out of SurveyUSA Republican Richard Muri, a Pierce County Councilman, is within three points of Smith in Washington's 9th district, which hasn't seen a close election in over a decade.

SurveyUSA poll of 590 Likely Voters:
Rep. Smith (D) - 49%.
Dick Muri (R) - 46%.
Undecided - 5%.

Support the Muri for Congress campaign here.

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