Thursday, October 14, 2010

CAUGHT: Alan Grayson Creates Fake Daniel Webster Group, Fills it with Fake Info

Freshman Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson, who recently warned that people would become cannibals should the government spend less money, is in the race of his life against Republican challenger Daniel Webster in Florida.  Last month Grayson released a fraudulent campaign ad against Webster that was almost universally condemned.  Well, it looks like Grayson did not learn his lesson and is at it again.

It has been revealed that late last month, the Grayson campaign launched a group on Facebook called "Mind of Daniel Webster," which was intentionally made to look real.  For example, looking at the "group information" at first glance it appears to be a legitimate group:

Look closer, however, and one will find disgusting and libelous lies.  Under "Favorite Quotations," for example, the fake group intentionally uses a falsified quote from Grayson's lie-infested "Taliban Dan" ad:

The most disgusting part of this is the fact that it has been inarguably shown that the Grayson campaign utterly distorted that quote.  In other words, Grayson is simply lying in the face of his constituents.  Apparently he thinks they are stupid.

Further disgusting lies on the group are making light of adultery:

And the fake Webster saying that the Taliban Dan ad, which I remind you again was inarguably shown to be fraudulent, was "true:"

The only thing in the entire group to show that the group is indeed fake is a tiny blurb hidden under a picture and next to other posts:

Mr. Grayson, you are truly disgusting.  Support Daniel Webster!


And looky here, Grayson himself tweeted about the group:

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  1. I think he should be asked to provide verifiable proof that he does not felch on Debbie Wasserman Schultz, another scum bag representing Florida.

  2. Here is why I support Daniel Webster:

  3. Granted, this an extreme case, but demos always unjustly attack their Republican opponents personally because the demos cannot compete in the arena of ideas. Nuff said…

  4. I am proud to endorse and actively support Daniel Webster because he has been a leader in the fight for less government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility. As a small businessman, Daniel knows that entrepreneurs, not government will help grow our economy and create jobs for central Florida.

  5. To truly appreciate the differences in the Webster/Grayson race, it helps to see a few video clips of Daniel Webster. The third clip, an interview with Mike Huckabee, is the best... Check it out here:

    Dan Webster comes across as a thoughtful and soft-spoken man, someone who exudes a quiet strength. His 28-year record in the Florida House and Senate shows his ability to work across party and ideological lines to write effective legislation. He has had more positive impact on Florida government than any one person in recent history. His campaign focuses on the issues important to Florida and how he will approach them.

    Mr. Grayson, on the other hand, comes across as a loud ultra-liberal. His disdain for Republicans and conservatives is well-documented in video and in print. His campaign focus consists of attacks on Daniel Webster.

    Even the liberal-leaning Orlando Sentinel has endorsed Daniel Webster. That endorsement, totally unexpected from most conservatives, gives an indication of Grayson's sins during his first term.

    As a FL-8 constituent, I'm looking forward to a change. To learn more about Daniel Webster, please visit his web site at