Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back off of Carl Paladino.

Carl Paladino doesn't want his children brainwashed by public school teachers telling them that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle. Neither do I, nor do most American parents who would rather discuss these moral issues with their own children, instead of liberally inclined school teachers.

So why is everyone complaining about Carl Paladino's "anti-gay" comments to an Orthodox Jew synagogue in Brooklyn? Especially when the comments were written by a Jewish Rabbi, and even Paladino left out the most controversial of them. I contend it's because Paladino cannot be defeated on the fiscal issues of the hour, and that Cuomo's campaign would rather throw a bone to his socially liberal base then appeal to fiscally conservative Upstaters.

This is the reason why everyone fears "anti-hate speech" legislation regarding homosexuals. Because if a single comment, quite uncontroversial if you ask me, uttered by a candidate for elected office can spur this media response, how long before pastors are targeted for preaching out of Leviticus or Romans?

Paladino should have approached the situation differently. But he's not a man of political wisdom, rather he's a man who says what he believes, and who will stick with those beliefs. That's the kind of person we need in Albany directing the ship back towards prosperous currents.


  1. That's typical of the liberals. Accuse someone of "hate speech" when they can't defend their own record.

  2. If what Carl believes is that a homosexual is "dysfunctional" due to their natural sexual preferance then he is not fit to govern. Or does Mr.K actually believe that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice? Also, what is the relevance of this hateful message having been written by a Rabbi? However sound this candidate's fiscal policies may appear to be, at what price do we consider electing a man who thinks like this?

  3. I have never understood a few terms from the PC left...tell me how opposition to an agenda is "hate speech"? Isn't that just a little Orwellian? Also, why is there a term like "homophobia"? I would be branded as such for my views, yet I don't fear them one bit. I do oppose their agenda, as it IS immoral and unhealthy. Is this what passes for logical debate these days? Wow, the lefties have succeeded in stupiding down a bunch of people with our schools, haven't they?