Thursday, October 14, 2010

Angle Up by Two Before Debate

Today's certainly going to be an interesting day in Nevada politics. Challenger Republican Sharron Angle is up by two points over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the newest polling. And that's before the two are set to square off in what could be a decisive debate. Reid is certainly not looking forward to tonight, especially as word spreads that he may be under investigation for ethics charges.

The number of undecided voters is down, possibly helping Angle. Furthermore, Reid has some real difficulty getting near 50%, something that could doom his attempt for another term. Despite all of Reid's negative attack ads, Angle still remains relatively popular and seems to be doing well among independents.

Angle (R): 48%
Reid * (D): 46%
Other/und: 6%
* Denotes incumbent

And the people of Nevada are not too happy with Reid's boss, President Obama:

Asked about President Barack Obama's actions to stabilize the economy, 45 percent said they have hurt, 29 percent said they have improved things, 21 percent said no effect and 5 percent weren't sure. As Senate majority leader, Reid is responsible for passing Obama's agenda.

With the small amount of undecided voters, it appears that these will likely go Angle's way. And all she needs is half to come up with 51% of the vote. Let's see what happens at that debate.

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