Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Which States Are Booming for Real Estate

 Everybody knows real estate is a smart investment, but many are skeptical as to which market is the best and which markets are the worst to invest in right now. Those who know how to bird dog real estate in different states can give real estate agents even more information about what is available for buyers. 

Lucky for you, this article is jam-packed with potent information that will help you understand which states are currently booming for real estate. From monetary policy, current interest rates, property values, and more, here are some factors to consider when thinking about buying or selling real estate in the following states:


California is always a solid choice for real estate. Known for having perfect weather nearly year-round, who wouldn't want to own a home in the west-coast paradise of California. Over the last twenty years, properties in California have increased their value by over one thousand percent. That's a win in real estate land! Properties increase in value in California because it consistently sees an inflow of people from all over the world wanting to live there. The only downfall here is this increases the cost of living as well. So while you may hit a home run in property value, you'll make up for the luck with higher prices every time you turn around.


Texas is a wonderful state to explore your real estate endeavors. In Texas, everything is bigger! Yes, including real estate. For the same amount of money in California, you can get much more in Texas. That is exactly why people move here but hardly ever move from here, willingly of course. Unlike California, prices in Texas make you feel at home (like you hardly have to pay for anything). We are not saying things in Texas are free, but they sure are cheaper than many other states in the country. Texas is also rich in land. In Texas, you can purchase acres of real estate like nowhere else in the world. The warm climate adds to the fruitfulness of its soil, so growing crops on land is almost easy.

New York

Known for its popular culture and rich lifestyle, New York is a top hit for maximizing your investment portfolio. Property values in New York are some of the highest in the world and they keep on growing. Getting in right now is an arbitrage in the real estate game. With more and more people immigrating to the United States, New York is typically their first stop. This, like California, increases the price on standard goods; however, like California, you can really make some cash investing in a place in the state of New York.


This state is not a bad choice either. Ripe for oil, you might just find a property that makes you a gazillionaire, but chances are slim. This state could very well go in the opposite direction as more and more people are opting to discover new residence elsewhere.

Regardless of where you are looking to invest, right now is the time to do so. With a polarized election at the forefront of the market, there is much uncertainty as to what the real estate market is going to do. But right now, interest rates are at an all-time low. As a consequence of the pandemic, banks have begun to lend money at a remarkably low rate. This means you have to pay back less if you opt for a loan to invest with. Not a bad idea, considering the current affairs of our economy. Right now you can save thousands of dollars strictly in interest. That's a no-brainer to investors.

Moreover, prices, in general, are discounted on average ten percent across the country right now. So not only can you save money in interest rates from a bank loan, but you can buy a property at a discounted price right now because sellers are uncertain about whether they will ever sell their property, so they will choose to take a little over nothing. It is simple supply and demand. These are good things to keep in mind when considering your next real estate move. For more information, check out this article here.

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