Friday, March 03, 2017

Healthcare in Crisis on Every Major Front

One of the things most healthcare workers are aware of is that it is in crisis on literally every front. From

the political arena debating the pros and cons of repealing Obamacare to the shortage of nurses and

doctors, the sad fact is, healthcare in the United States (as elsewhere around the globe) is in crisis. So,

what can we do about it? Start with reading the daily news and you will see just how far-reaching the

problem really is. From there, you may find a few solutions that you, personally, can bring about. Here

are a few suggestions.

To Repeal or Not to Repeal – That Is the Question of the Day

Perhaps the biggest question of the day is whether or not you support repealing Obamacare, the

Affordable Care Act. This was one of the main campaign ‘promises’ of President Donald J. Trump and

one that has loyal supporters on both sides of the fence. Some support the repealing of Obamacare and

others support keeping it in place. No matter what side of the issue you are on, the best thing you can

do is write your congressmen. Forget protesting because that gets you nothing but media attention. If

you have an opinion, your legislators are the place to voice it!

Advance Your Career to Fill a Void

Then there are areas like South Florida where it seems as though there is over one hundred miles of

nothing but city. From Miami-Dade all the way up through Palm Beach (and beyond!) it is one continual

mass of congestion with millions upon millions of people. There simply aren’t enough doctors to go

around! As a registered nurse, why don’t you at least consider the possibility of advancing your degree?

The next resume you complete could say you hold a nurse practitioner doctorate degree. Wouldn’t that

be nice? Not only would you be advancing your career, but you would be filling a void. A nurse

practitioner could take much of the burden off doctors and this is something which needs to be

addressed – the shortage of medical professionals.

In the End You Can Stay Informed

However, as registered voters and residents in the United States, what you can do is to stay informed on

all the latest developments. Check out online doctoral nursing programs if you are considering

advancing your degree and keep up with your state laws as to what an NP can do in your state. Most

states are easing the shortage of doctors with NPs and Pas (physician’s assistants) who can prescribe

medications, admit patients to hospitals and even diagnose with the same level of certainty as a

physician. Stay informed. There are many out there who haven’t a clue!

You can’t help unless you can identify the problem. From there you will know what you can do. The

bottom line is that healthcare is most definitely in crisis and it’s getting worse by the day. To do nothing

is to be a part of the problem. Do something and you are part of the solution. That, in the end, is the


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