Saturday, January 16, 2016

US, UN Lift Iran Sanctions

This will also cause tremendous changes on the oil market as millions of barrels of Iranian crude will enter into the market.

The New York Times reported on the deal, which will also free a tremendous amount of assets.

Iran’s actions, he has argued, will assure the United States at least a year’s notice if Iran races to build a bomb, and it ends peacefully a confrontation that led to some of the most severe economic sanctions ever, sabotage of Iran’s facilities by an American-Israeli cyberoperation and periodic threats of military action if Iran failed to relent. His critics in Congress claim that the effort is dangerously na├»ve, and that Iran will use the roughly $100 billion in frozen assets it will receive to support terrorism and other misadventures and, after a few years, when attention has turned elsewhere, will return to surreptitiously building a nuclear weapon.

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