Monday, December 07, 2015

Laugh of the Day Article: Why Obama Isn't Afraid of ISIS

From the Atlantic, there's a bundle of laughs in this article. Written by the otherwise alright Peter Beinart, there's a lot of wishful thinking, especially after the President's speech last night was widely panned.

For more read from the source:

Unlike Rubio, he considers violent jihadism a small, toxic strain within Islamic civilization, not a civilization itself. And unlike Bush, he doesn’t consider it a serious ideological competitor. In the 1930s, when fascism and communism were at their ideological height, many believed they could produce higher living standards for ordinary people than democratic capitalist societies that were prone to devastating cycles of boom and bust. No one believes that about “radical Islam” today. In Obama’s view, I suspect, democratic capitalism’s real ideological adversary is not the “radical Islam” of ISIS. It’s the authoritarian, state-managed capitalism of China.
Wow. Just wow.

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