Monday, November 09, 2015

Obama gets hit from both sides in fight over Renewable Fuel Standard

By Rob Nikolewski

Proponents and critics of the Renewable Fuel Standard have a common target in President Obama.

One group backing the RFS, Fuels America, announced last week it was launching a “seven-figure TV and digital ad campaign” pressuring the Obama administration to enforce the standard as written.

A group firmly opposed to the RFS, Smarter Fuel Future, has started “a significant ad buy” in Washington D.C., Ohio, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

This group wants the president to ditch the standard.

A source told the Smarter Fuel Future media effort represents “a multi-million dollar campaign.”

The hardest-hitting video ads are found in D.C. taxis. In the ads, the Americans for Energy Security and Innovation — a staunch supporter of the RFS — calls Obama a hypocrite. asked Jim Talent, AESI’s chairman and a former Republican senator from Missouri, whether his group had second thoughts about going after Obama with such fervor.

Talent, in response, doubled down.

“Americans for Energy Security and Innovation will not hesitate to call out President Obama and his administration’s hypocritical efforts to gut the RFS,” Talent said in an email.

“President Obama once called the RFS a key part our national energy strategy but now he wants to weaken it. President Obama says that he wants to make greenhouse gas emission reductions a key part of his legacy but now he is letting his EPA roll back a successful policy that has displaced fossil fuels with clean-burning biofuels. His hypocrisy is stunning.”

AESI hasn’t revealed its budget for the taxi-cab spots.

On the other end of the spectrum, Smarter Fuel Future is running its own commercial, referencing Obama and invoking Al Gore:

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