Thursday, November 05, 2015

Bernie Sanders uses ‘unregulated’ Uber for all his taxi rides

By Eric Boehm

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes ride-sharing service Uber is an “unregulated” company with “serious problems.”

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders uses Uber all the time.

File this one under “do as I say, not as I do” — a hallmark of most socialist policies, when you think about it — because Sanders, the socialist seeking the Democratic Party’s nod for president in 2016, always takes Uber instead of a taxi.

Literally. Always.

National Journal published an analysis Wednesday that examines how the presidential candidates in the two major parties spend their campaign cash on things like hotels and taxis. While most candidates use Uber more than taxis to get around, Sanders was one of only a few candidates to report using Uber 100 percent of the time when he or his campaign staff need a ride.

Martin O’ Malley, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and Scott Walker are the other candidates who used Uber 100 percent of the time, according to National Journal.

Overall, candidates have reported spending $34,900 on Uber — that’s 75 percent of all spending on taxi and ride-sharing.

Hillary Clinton, whom Sanders is chasing for the Democratic nomination, is one of only two candidates — Mike Huckabee is the other — to report more spending on taxis than on Uber, according to the analysis.

That’s funny, because Sanders has been far more outspoken than Clinton about the ride-sharing app. He’s blasted Uber as an unregulated corporation that’s destroying jobs and forcing workers to accept lower wages.

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