Monday, November 09, 2015

Youth movement taking place in the GOP?

Young, tech-enabled people work for companies that are driven by results. Their own personal fortunes are determined by the success of their companies in serving customers profitably and creating wealth.

Liberals, with their anti-business rhetoric, lies about how the economy functions, and adherence to redistributive ideology is incongruous with the daily lives of these young workers. They may graduate from college as liberals and vote for propagandists like Obama once or twice, but in the long run they will vote their pocket books.

If Republicans can capture this generation, they will once again be competitive nationally.

Winston Churchill said it best: a man of 20 who is not a liberal has no heart; a man of 40 who is not a conservative has no brain.

The lack of jobs and sluggish economy is no small issue. The left may scorn money, but at the same time all of their dreams need money, and lots of it.

Liberals have shown that boosting the economy is way down low on their priority list, if at all. The Keynesian economics they have tried (and tried and tried) has failed (which Republicans said would fail, from the start) thus wasting billions of dollars and years of our lives.

The liberal left has put additional burdens on business — taxes and regulations — which cause them to restrain hiring and investment. And they have spent billions on dreams of a green planet (which aren’t really green when you analyze them) and which are far less economically efficient than other techniques and technologies.

The left lives in a fantasy world, and America’s economy is but one symptom of that fantasy turned to reality. Liberals talk a good line, and young people are suckers for it. But the real world doesn’t work like that, and that is why America is going down, economically and socially.

And then there is world politics. America has lost all respect on the world stage as a “policeman,” and that appears to be exactly how liberals want it.

And in that power vacuum, Russia has moved in and is taking over Ukraine (which we promised to help, when they broke away from USSR after the cold war) and China’s neighbors are worried about the USA’s long-time defense of them. Iran continues to build nuclear weapons and threaten Armageddon on Israel, the U.S., and anyone else who doesn’t given them what they want (and therefore, other Persian Gulf nations are sure to build their own).

President Obama and the liberals are completely inept at world politics, and it is opening the door to the worst actors expanding their influence over other people and nations, including our allies.

What is truly profound, though these will escape the liberal left, we have:

1. A Senate minority leader who will lie openly about Republican candidates and call any citizen who won’t toe the Democrat line a “liar” in public.

2. An IRS that, even if completely innocently, is known to suppress opposition to the President and his party; quite illegally.

3. A President who has abused his bully pulpit, EPA, DOJ and other agencies to retaliate against business owners, corporate executives and prominent Republicans.

4. A Democrat party that had complete and unrestrained control of our entire government from 2008-2010; meaning all of their “accomplishments” have now had 3-5 years to have an affect and “fix” things.

5. An entire industry that has been built to attack Fox News, the Tea Party, the Koch brothers, Rush Limbaugh and several others who disagree and have different views; and it is providing employment and wealth for a lot of people.

6. A Democrat party who lies and hides very serious facts and truths from us, especially near election time; with enthusiastic assistance from the majority of our journalist population.

7. A party in power that something over 90% of our “reporters” and journalists support, openly.

And they are still in danger of loosing seats in 2016, because they are actually that bad at governing or accomplishing anything good.

Think about that.

It is starting to look like new Republican leaders will bring to the GOP a new and enthusiastic constituency to the base that has been missing for Republicans: young people.

The job market for new graduates is dismal, and they are pissed! The old message from liberals that they can create jobs from government doesn’t resonate with these kids. Let’s just say skepticism is morphing into cynicism where the government is concerned.

What’s new besides this change in attitude is that in the past the GOP would roll out the tired old country club stuff which has been essentially Welfare State Light and then small shifts in voters would determine elections.

What is going to happen is real enthusiasm and energy for a youth movement to the right that is already taking hold on some college campuses but will break out to the broader public much like the radicalism of the 60s did. The big difference being this is a constructive movement.

It won’t be long before the Constitution becomes cool reading amongst the young. Get ready, a big change is coming.

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