Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jim Webb ends bid for Democratic presidential nomination

Jim Webb says he is dropping out of the Democratic race for president and is considering his options about how he might "remain as a voice" in the campaign.

First of all, Webb is a Democrat anachronism. His party steered left years ago and continues down its gleeful path of pandering to leftist groups with free money and free everything promises. If he were alive today, Jack Kennedy would not recognize the party he lead.

Second, all of the Democrat candidates are simply fodder for the liberal media to point to so they won't have to admit that the entire Democrat race is simply one, long, drawn out coronation for Hillary Clinton. It is almost comical watching Hillary try to outdistance Bernie Saunders to the left.

The other candidates on the debate podium had nothing to offer. They were as exciting (and as painful to watch) as a paper cut on your index finger.

Senator Webb should be thanked for his military service and the military service of his son.  That said, he did not attract enough attention to be relevant to the 2016 election.

The Democrats are stuck with a socialist Senator, a corrupt former Secretary of State, and possibly a laughable Vice President.  Not much of a choice.

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