Friday, October 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton still believes video played role in Benghazi terror attack

During her testimony on Capital Hill, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton argued that she still believes to this day that a YouTube video was partly responsible for the Benghazi terror attack.

Rep. Jim Jordan: “You just gave a long answer, Madam Secretary, to Ms. Sanchez about what you heard that night, what you’re doing. But nowhere in there did you mention a video. You didn’t mention a video because there was never a video-inspired protest in Benghazi. There was in Cairo but not in Benghazi.

“One hour before the attack in Benghazi, Chris Stevens walks a diplomat to the front gate. The ambassador didn’t report a demonstration. He didn’t report it because it never happened. An eyewitness in the command center that night on the ground said no protest, no demonstration; two intelligence reports that day, no protest, no demonstration.

“So if there’s no evidence for a video-inspired protest, then where did the false narrative start? It started with you, Madam Secretary.

“At 10:08, on the night of the attack, you released this statement, “Some have sought to justify the vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet.”

Clinton: “I needed to be talking about the video because I needed to put other governments on notice that they were not going to get away with attacking us.

“We were not making up the intelligence. We were trying to get it, to make sense of it, and to share it. We did the best that we could with the information that we had at the time.

"I’m sorry it doesn’t fit your narrative, Congressman.

“You have to monitor social media for goodness sakes. That’s where the Ansar al Sharia claim was placed.”

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