Friday, October 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton: I had a pretty long day yesterday

While speaking at the Democratic Women's Leadership Forum, Hillary Clinton took a couple of jabs at House Republicans who grilled her during the Benghazi hearing.

In retrospect I find what happened remarkable. It pitted the truth against fabrication, and we saw two masters present their cases, with Hillary being diabolically good. What happened yesterday is a very clear example of how the two sides operate.

I know Republicans like to joke about Jonathan Gruber, and perhaps even he doesn’t realize it, but what he was talking about was precisely what the forces that Hillary represented yesterday are up against and how they operate; it’s how Obama and the Democrats operate.

Okay, having said that I have to admit that Hillary was darned good and if Republicans want to make a dent on her side they better learn how to present the truth the same way she presented her fabrications.

Republicans have to go to school on the hearings.

One thing that was obvious was that Hillary repeated the same thing umpteen times but differently enough to impress her side. She also wrapped her story in a way we should learn to present the truth.

Anyway, instead of discounting Hillary, Republicans have in yesterday’s hearings a great opportunity to study how liberal progressive Democrats do it; they do get results.

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