Wednesday, October 14, 2015

FACT CHECK: Clinton and Sanders embellish a few things during debate

Associated Press reporter Cal Woodward takes a look at some of the claims the Democratic rivals made in Tuesday night's debate and how they compare with the facts.

Experience, especially of the frequent flyer miles variety as Secretary of State, does not equate with accomplishments. The incredibly sad state of foreign affairs for the last 7 years is an indisputable testament of the legacy Hillary Clinton shares with Obama.

The one position in which Hillary was particularly effective, at least for part of the time, was in the area of bimbo control in the wake of her husband's frequent dalliances. She could issue damning PR and character assassination with the best of them.

With 31% of Democrats not of the belief that Hillary has even been lying about her lax handling of sensitive U.S. intelligence, it obviously doesn't matter to the walking dead how untrustworthy she has proven to be.

At some point in the face of mounting ethical and possibly criminal breaches, loyalty morphs into complicity.

Liberals have always been known for their touchy-feely approach to politics. Things like trophies for every kid on the team regardless of accomplishment are types of liberal inspired ideas.

You see, it isn't about true accomplishment in so much as it is about not having anyone feel "bad". It's all about feelings.

This is why Hillary Clinton is still holding her position in polls.

Liberals don't care about accomplishments, facts or the appearance of impropriety. With them its all about holding the power of the office so that they can use it to tell everyone else how to live!

We have had generations of liberal policies in cities like Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit and LA. How has that worked out for the poor and minorities? Crime soars, particularly shootings, (despite some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation), horrible education, high unemployment, unwed mothers, growing poverty, drugs, dependence on welfare, and on an on...

Tyranny of experts is how the most recent Nobel Prize winner in economics put is. Pretty good description. Incompetent, arrogant, hypocrites also seems descriptive.

Judge them by their results instead of their words and they would have been put in the scrap heap years ago. But they are good at continually getting elected.

As Hitler's propaganda minister explained, "It's always easier to sell a big lie than a small one." What was that about ObamaCare again?

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