Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Donald vs The Pope: Trump takes issue with pontiff's remarks on immigration and climate change

During an interview with CNN on Thursday, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump took issue with Pope Francis' remarks before Congress concerning immigration and climate change. Trump said "his words are beautiful and I respect the Pope," but the U.S. has more urgent problems to deal with.

"We have a country that is going through tremendous problems. We owe $19 trillion. So number one, we can't afford this process," Trump said about immigration.

Trump has pledged to build a wall on America's southern border, deport millions of illegal immigrants, and implement tough means-testing for immigrants. He went on to claim that Mexico is purposely 'sending' drug dealers, 'killers' and 'rapists' into the United States.

The Donald also pointed out he strongly disagrees with Pope Francis on climate change.

"I am not a believer in [man-made] climate change. It's gone global warming and climate change, and now they call it actually extreme weather.

"You know – look: It's weather, and we have bad floods. And frankly, it's been that way for so long, and honestly, weather changes and you have storms and you have rain and you have beautiful days. But I do not believe that we should imperil the companies within our countries.

"I believe in clean air, immaculate air. I believe in clean water. All of those things. But I don't think we can destroy our country.

"If we have climate change or global warming, it's going to be of the nuclear form because we have incompetent politicians watching over us when it comes to nuclear weapons. That's our big problem," Trump said.

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