Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Socialist Bernie Sanders: Pope Francis has a very very progressive agenda

Democratic presidential candidate and self proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders noted that Pope Francis has a "very, very progressive agenda."

"He is saying that as a planet, as a people, we have got to do better, That accumulation of money, that worship of money, is not what life should be about, that we cannot turn our backs on our fellow human beings.

"He has a very, very progressive agenda. He is looking in the eyes of the wealthiest people in this country and he is saying, 'You know what? You cannot continue to ignore the needs of the poor, you cannot continue to ignore the needs of the sick.'

"And he is also saying trickle-down economic theory really doesn't work. That government itself is obliged to protect those who are vulnerable, and that is a message, I have to be honest, that my Republican colleagues do not want to hear," Sanders said.

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