Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pope Francis meets with Fidel and Rual Castro in Cuba

Pope Francis met with Fidel Castro after urging thousands of Cubans to serve one another and not an ideology, a subtle jab at the communist system delivered during a Mass in Havana. He also met with Cuban President Raul Castro.

If the Pope keeps avoiding dissidents, his visit to Cuba will have been a monumental failure.

People fall in the love with the ideals of the left and forget the methods the use to achieve them. Brotherhood, equality, the common good--all are noble goals, but they are not best achieved through top-down state control. They are best achieved by limiting government and permitting personal freedom.

I'm certain that Pope Francis will come to the United States and preach at us about how we need to change our ways, when what he needs to do is tell the rest of the world to be more like us.

Pope John Paul II, now St. John Paul, would have shown his distress over the fate of the dissidents even before he got to Cuba. I am afraid Pope Francis is not even a shadow of that great man.

Pope Francis celebrated Mass in Havana's Revolution Square, the symbolic heart of the Cuban revolution, offering both spiritual and political messages for tens of thousands in attendance.

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