Thursday, September 03, 2015

Elizabeth Warren’s response when asked about joint ticket With Joe Biden

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren gave a very interesting response to the Boston Globe on Wednesday when asked about a potential 2016 presidential run with Vice President Joe Biden.

Warren had a very high profile meeting with Biden in August which added to the speculation that the Vice President is looking a launching another campaign for the White House.

“It was a long conversation.

“I love my job. I truly love this job, and it’s all I’m thinking about and you just can’t put another thought in my head," Warren said.

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  1. What makes Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren think she is qualified for Vice President? She's worked in academia, never met a payroll, never balanced a budget, she's just an orator. Gov. Sara Palin apparently wasn't qualified back in 2008 she ran a very large state, balanced a budget, dealt with trade deals, oil industry and negotiated contracts and powers to be thought she wasn't qualified. What would make a woman who's not even honest about her heritage qualified?