Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Obama administration throws Hillary under the bus: Backing Joe Biden for President?

Josh Earnest volunteered to reporters on Monday that President Obama thinks his decision to choose Joe Biden as his running mate was "the smartest decision he’s ever made in politics."

That marked the beginning of the process of throwing Hillary under the bus.

The one significant advantage Biden has over Hillary is trust. Admittedly Hillary has lowered the trust bar to the point that only her most blind supporters trust her.

Earnest was trapped by ABC's Jonathan Karl over whether that means Obama would support Biden being his successor over the former Secretary of State.

Karl: “I assume that means the President would support Vice President Biden if he were to run, since it’s obviously a better decision than the Secretary of State he chose.

“You said it was the best decision he’d made.”

Earnest: “It was, and I think the President spoke at quite some length about the appreciation, respect, and admiration he has for the service of Secretary Clinton, particularly in her four years as Secretary of State.”

Karl: “Just not his best decision.”

As for crazy uncle Joe, this couldn't play better if it was scripted.  Hillary's email scandal has legs, looooong legs, supermodel-long legs, and it has wiped out her inevitability.  Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is her only competition, and I bet even most Democrats know he'd be a disaster in the general election.

I know others will not like this but if Republicans insist on sticking their heads in the sand they may end up watching the White House from the gate outside.

Biden is not only a better proposition than Hillary, but when he was a Senator he actually produced a lot of very good legislation, unlike say Kerry and Hillary, who never produced anything.

Thus, for instance, Biden can arguably be credited for some part of the reduction of crime that we saw take place in the late 1990s and 2000s (until Democrats again took over Congress and more local positions), which was in no small measure thanks to the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 that Biden helped shape and pass as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Among other things it helped put 100,000 more police in the streets.

There is more to Biden than meets the eye. I remember that one because at the time I was worried that it would result in the federal government having more say on local affairs but it seems that didn't happen, maybe because Biden used to be able to work with Republicans.

In good marketing hands, a presidential campaign for Biden can get a lot of mileage of this and his other accomplishments when he was in the Senate.  He has actually gotten things done and Independents want to see that.

The part I find somewhat unnerving is the talk that Biden might have cut a deal with Elizabeth Warren wherein she becomes Biden's running mate and he steps down in four years. That's scary as hell because if they were to get lucky and Republicans keep making mistakes, we could be stuck with an even more socialist and autocratic regime.

The White House doesn't need to actually "know" anything about the Hillster's email tribulations more than what is generally known about them. They can put two and two together as well as anyone else, and conclude, apart from Kendall's flashdrive, that emails are sent to people and cc'd to others -- every single one of them. And those received were sent by others -- every single one of them.

How long before the inboxes of many people are subpoenaed by Republican congressional committees and how likely is it that more than a few will contain compromising information?

Then, there are Hillary's close aides, such as Human Abedin -- same thing, their own copies as well as the inboxes and sent boxes of her correspondents.

The juiciness threatens to be well-nigh unsupportable. It even could be litigable, and even convictable.

The Obama administration had an heir they weren't utterly enthralled with. Not surprising given issues that they'd be grooming a replacement.

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