Monday, August 31, 2015

No bond for Shannon J. Miles in the murder of Texas deputy Darren H. Goforth

A man charged with killing a suburban Houston officer first shot the 10-year veteran in the back of the head and fired a total of 15 times, authorities said Monday.

On Saturday, 30-year-old Shannon J. Miles of Cypress, Texas was arrested and charged with capital murder for the Friday killing of a 47-year-old Harris County Sheriff's deputy Darren H. Goforth. Miles is accused of gunning down Goforth at a Chevron station at Telge and West in Houston.

Goforth was shot and killed Friday night while filling up his patrol car at a suburban Houston gas station. Officials confirmed that 47 year old Deputy Darren H. Goforth was shot from the back "execution-style."

"He was literally gunned down in what appears to be an unprovoked, execution-style killing. I have been in law enforcement for 45 years, I have never seen anything this cold-blooded," Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said.

Harris County Sheriff''s Department spokesperson Deputy Thomas Gilliland confirmed the deputy was in uniform and pumping gas at a station off Telge and West when he was shot several times from behind.

"A male suspect came up from behind the deputy and shot the deputy multiple times. The deputy then fell to ground. The suspect then continued over to him and shot the deputy again multiple times as he laid on the ground.

"This is a very tough moment right now for the Harris County Sheriff's Office. I can ask you if you give us your prayers and your thoughts.

"It's tough enough being a deputy and being in law enforcement in this country right now, but for people, the way that they are right now, I have no words for what this type of person did, the callousness is much," Gilliland said.

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott issued a statement Saturday saying that "heinous and deliberate crimes against law enforcement will not be tolerated in the State of Texas."

"Texas reveres the men and women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve their communities.

"Cecilia and I extend our deepest condolences to Deputy Goforth's family and the Harris County Sheriff's Office during this difficult time. I know local law enforcement will work tirelessly to apprehend the killer and ensure justice for Deputy Goforth is served," Abbott said.

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