Monday, August 17, 2015

Bob Woodward: Clinton emails remind me of the Nixon tapes

Famed Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward said that the Hillary Clinton emails reminds him of the infamous Nixon tapes.

"It's extraordinary. And, again, it's the volume. 60,000 e-mails and Hillary Clinton has said 30,000 of them, half, were personal and they were deleted.

"Who decided that? What's on those e-mails?

"I would love to have all 60,000, read them, it would be a character study about her personal life and, also, what she did as secretary of State.

"And let's step back for a moment the big question about Hillary Clinton is, who is she. Is she this secretive, hidden person, or is she this valiant public servant.

"Look at those 60,000 e-mails, and you're going to get some answers.

"And there's a hydraulic pressure always in the system here. You've got the FBI, you've got the inspector generals, you've got lots of people in government who are furious, because they spent hours being trained, like the example of Madeleine Albright. You have to be careful about this...

"I mean, what was the origin? Who knew about this idea of using a private server? When I first read about that, it's unimaginable...

"Follow the trail here. You know, there are all of these e-mails. Well, they were sent to someone or someone sent them to her. So if things have been erased here, there's a way to go back to who originated these e-mails or who received them from Hillary Clinton. So you've got a massive amount of data.

"It, in a way, reminds me of the Nixon tapes. Thousands of hours of secretly recorded conversations that Nixon thought were exclusively his, that they were not going to get out. Hillary Clinton initially took that position: I'm not turning this over. There's going to be no cooperation.

"Now they're cooperating.

"But, this is -- this has to go on a long, long time. And the answers are probably not going to be pretty," Woodward said.

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