Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran nuclear deal will bring war

During a conference call organized by the Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA), Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the nuclear deal with Iran “will bring war.”

“This deal will bring war. It will spark a nuclear arms race in the region. And it would feed Iran’s terrorism and aggression that would make war, perhaps the most horrific war of all, far more likely.”

“Oppose this dangerous deal.

“The nuclear deal with Iran doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb. It actually paves Iran’s path to the bomb. Worse, it gives Iran two paths to the bomb.

“Iran can get to the bomb by keeping the deal or Iran can get to the bomb by violating the deal.

“Iran will be able to produce the enriched uranium for an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons” and be able to do so “very quickly,” Netanyahu said.

“After 15 years, Iran’s breakout time will be virtually zero, just a few days.

"The deal makes it far easier for Iran to build dozens, even hundreds of nuclear weapons.

“We’re told this deal buys us time, but 10 to 15 years is no time at all. By keeping the deal Iran can get in a decade or so not just to one bomb, but to many bombs.

“It has to be said honestly, for years, none of us discovered the massive underground facilities Iran was building at Fordow and Natanz.

“I can tell you from experience, it’s very precarious to bet the deals’ success on intelligence.

“The inspectors must first share with Iran the critical intelligence that led them to suspect these sites in the first place. That’s actually astounding.

“Twenty-four days is more than enough time to clean up a site of all traces of illicit activity. It’s like police giving a drug dealer three-and-a-half weeks notice before raiding his lab. You can flush a lot of nuclear meth down the toilet in 24 days.

“The deal that was supposed to end nuclear proliferation will actually trigger nuclear proliferation. It will trigger an arms race in the Middle East, the most volatile region on the planet. That’s a real nightmare.

“As a result of this deal there will be more terrorism, there will be more attacks, and more people will die.”

“The days when the Jewish people could not or would not speak up for themselves, those days are over. Today we can speak out. Today we must speak out. And we must do so together," Netanyahu said.

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