Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Liberals Hate the History of The United States and Want to Create Their Own Utopia

Contributor article by Rod Eccles

In July, there are two nations that celebrate their Independence from one nation. Canada celebrated their independence from Great Britain on July 1 and the United States of America celebrated its independence from Great Britain on July 4. How interesting that the summer month of July produced such nations, birthed by an empire. Now some would argue that the empire that was Great Britain birthed another empire that was even more powerful, the United States.

Surely that was not the intent of our Founders, for us to be an empire and it is our true intent this day. We do not seek to conquer lands far and wide. We do not seek to occupy and hold territory in every corner of the world. But if you listen to Liberals, they would have you believe that the United States is nothing more than a colonial power that takes from other nations and gives nothing back. I have always found that to be strange since every time we defeated a major power or nation, we always gave it back to the people of that nation. Germany, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list goes on.

Surely a nation that is bent on world domination does not allow for conquered nations to live their own lives and have their own government. Remember the old Soviet Union? They surrounded themselves with nations that they controlled completely. There was no independence for the likes of the Baltic’s, Poland, East Germany and the list goes on. They had no choice but to do as their masters dictated. They had no choice but to stand and be the shield for Russia.

But Liberals in the United States, those who actually hate the United States, try to paint the picture that the United States is no better than the Soviet Union. They are so brazen with their hatred now that they even write articles that redefine history. They redefine the history of the United States of America by stating that the Revolutionary War was a bad idea. They claim that if the Monarchy of Great Britain ruled over the United States for a little while longer, there would not have been slavery and there would not have been a Civil War. These folks obviously do not know or understand their own history.

These Liberals tell us that the military Veterans of the United States should pay for their own health care. That if we didn’t spend so much on the military and if we didn’t pay our soldiers so much in salary that we could eliminate hunger in the United States and that everyone could go to public college for free. These Liberals preach that the basic foundations that made this country great and prosperous were illegal and immoral. You know, the institution of marriage between one man and one woman, Liberty and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The idea that each man is responsible for his own life.

You know the other ideals such as law and order is good for society. The military deserves our respect and admiration and that we should spend our money providing our soldiers with the best and latest equipment available to help insure their safe return home. Liberals detest the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, the playing and singing of our National Anthem, the military jet fly overs at major sporting events, prayer before government meetings.

Liberals can’t stand the fact that you should have the freedom to choose your doctor, your health insurance, your child’s school, what kind of car you drive, and what words you can and cannot say in public. In the end, if Liberals had their way, we would not have a flag. We would not have a pledge. We would not have a military capable of defending this nation. We would not have the ability and the right to choose to live as we see fit. We would not have the right to choose what we buy, who we elect, where we speak, what we say.

In the end, what Liberals really want, what would really truly make them happy, is the death and destruction of freedom. The end of the United States of America. What Liberals would have is what that great utopian novel most of us read in high school clearly announced. In the world of the novel Animal Farm, clearly the Liberals believe that some people are more equal than others. They are more equal than you or I. And there is nothing more they would love than to be able to march you down to the nearest government building and force you to pledge your allegiance to them and their utopian, Socialistic ways.

But if they did that, would they still celebrate July 4th? Of course not, they don’t like the fact that we eat a lot of meat on that holiday.

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