Friday, July 10, 2015

Liberal website Salon calls for making it a hate crime to display the Confederate flag

More and more progressive liberals are going off the deep end.

In an article posted on the progressive website Salon, writer Nick Bromell calls for making it a hate crime to even display the Confederate flag.

"It is a fine thing that the Confederate flag will no longer fly above the South Carolina state capitol. But displaying the Confederate flag anywhere is, at bottom, an act of hate. It should be recognized as such, and punished as a hate crime," Bromell writes.

One of the problem’s with progressive good intentions is the failure to examine the future issues caused by the proposed solution.

“The New Deal” and “The Great Society” were intended to bring more good than harm. They have been terribly destructive to the African-American family and to the poor in general, and as a result to 2 to three generations of poor children.

As with so many progressive ideas, cultural and political, we don’t have to imagine how they will affect lives. We have the slow decline of western culture and families in Europe which clearly show us the long-term, destructive effect of devaluing the traditional family.

The consequence of changing definitions can’t be ignored. Many bad laws come into being to take care of a special situation and then are enforced in a way never intended or envisioned by the writers.

Remember, the unintended consequences not the intended consequences are the problem. Allowing naked men to parade around a girls locker room because they claim to be transgender is not the intent of laws trying to protect gay students from the very real bullying they experience, but it is an inexcusable, unintended consequence. –that actually happened!

In “A Man For All Seasons” the young son-in-law tells Thomas Moore that he would strike down all the laws of England to get at the devil. And Moore replies, and what then would you have to protect you? I am not saying that their cause isn’t just, or that the slow wheels of change are fair, but crashing through the barriers will not be best for the gay community or the country in the long run.

As much as anything, this kind of situation is one of the hard pills conservatives have to swallow. We look bad, because we don’t rush in to fix things. If you want to do it right, you might have to spend more time.

Leave it to liberals to feel guilty about anything whether it be climate, fossil fuels, poverty, the global economy, anything Republicans or Conservatives advocate, heterosexual marriage, non-pre K education, charter schools (NYC liberal Mayor de Blasio comes to mind), cars that burn gasoline, women who could buy their own birth control, but won’t, health insurance, slavery 5,000 years ago in Egypt, and on and on and on!

In fact, it’s not such a leap that they may even feel guilty about the very existence of man, since it is so often the case that they find fault in so many of his actual accomplishments.

The burden liberals place on their own psyche would be bad enough, but they insist on spreading their collective guilt onto the psyches of others, which I guess makes it easier for them to rationalize why they feel justified in taking the fruits of another person’s labor (through “progressive”, er “liberal” taxation) to satisfy whatever their “guilt of the day” happens to be! I guess stealing doesn’t make them feel guilty or if it does, they simply create a euphemistic label to cover it up!

So, for example, “global warming” morphs into “climate change” and “abortion” changes to a less visceral “family planning”.

Conservatives would be wise not to be sucked in by this characteristic malady infecting this bunch. Start with no apologies for the truth of what you say and what you mean. As an aside to the truth-telling, you might also make a move to eliminate all of those faux methods of instilling self-esteem where it isn’t earned, like giving every kid a trophy for simply showing up! Children aren’t stupid, so stop treating them as if they are to placate your own guilt about “whatever’!

Liberals don’t measure societal success by the same markers we do, but by how small the delta is between the standard of living of someone who invents something wonderful and someone who’s been out of work for six months.

We’re from Mars and they’re from where? Clowncuckooland? That human beings exist for whom the other ideological side has nothing they need and nothing they want (other than not being tossed in prison) to compel them to enslave themselves voluntarily to this notion that incentives and rewards rightfully mean nothing is simply unfathomable to liberals.

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