Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Dozens of Hillary Clinton's emails labeled as classified

You may remember that for Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed none of the emails on her private server were classified. However, dozens of Hillary's have now been labels as classified.

"What happened last nigh was actually kind of interesting. The State Department went back and said they classified two dozen of her emails, portions of them, saying that information in them was now classified. They said it wasn't classified at the time but had to be redacted in the emails.

"Now if you recall she has said there was no classified information on the emails, but people at the State Department have said to me that they thought it was hard to believe that of all these 55,000 pages that she had, that she didn't have anything sensitive. And apparently it's sensitive enough now to not be disclosed," Michael Schmidt of the New York Times reported.

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