Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Did We Just Make A Deal With A Nation Who Rallies For Our Death?

Contributor article by Bill Martinez

The wisest man ever once said, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  And so it goes in this latest deal with Iran.  Once again, it seems history aside, applied theorists engage the possibility of peace through appeasement.

No doubt they understand peace to be expensive as they were more than willing to put undetermined number of lives, billions of dollars, geopolitical relationships, international agreements and the future of nations all on the line in exchange for a possible peace and nuclear deterrence with an agent nation that they even agree is untrustworthy.

On my national radio show, I am privileged to engage with people that have experience over theory.  They have learned lessons from history, like Michael Rubin, former Pentagon official who warned and wrote about “Negotiating with Rogue Regimes.”

Early on, he was reluctant to accept the thought of a nuclear Iran and all the implications that that might create.  A proven international supporter of terrorist activities, a nation who has made their intentions clear, the obliteration of Israel and the United States, lest we forget their chant, “Death To America.”  Does someone think they’re “kidding?”

However, another one of my guests, Oscar award winner and former blacklisted actor, Lee Grant characterizes President Obama as brilliant and who accomplished much on our behalf.  I know she sees an avoided conflict and its associated body count as positive.  I appreciate and am hopeful for her optimism.

Like all events of history, time is the answer to all questions.  Today, many questions remain, hopeful and cautionary, but mostly cautionary.  As in any negotiation, the agreement is only as good as the players in it and how each party is committed to its compliance.

You can’t blame a majority of Americans (and others around the world) for being doubtful when you hear the death chants and reports of their understanding of this agreement.  If past is prologue, and if you want to know what someone or nations will do, look at what they have done, than our future remains unstable.  At this point, our negotiators have said, “Trust us.”

In this Neville Chamberlain replay, America, The Middle East and the rest can only have hope, because it’s all we know for sure.  History is yelling at us, saying we have been duped.  And this is what happens when we misunderstand the times.  It’s been said there is a time for peace and a time for war and there has always been a big price exacted when the two are confused.

Everyone has to save some face, and for that, all of us, as Benjamin Netanyahu Israel’s Prime Minister stated, “ are less safe as a result of this agreement.”  Next stop, Congress who has already been warned by President Obama to not do anything that would jeopardize what he believes is an epic win for America and the Middle East.  And why should Congress or anyone of us have any doubts?  He has such a great track record-right?

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