Wednesday, June 03, 2015

White House: Thanks to our monitoring measures, we can watch Iran increase its nuclear stockpile

My question, why not do something to actually prevent Iran from stockpiling uranium? The nuclear deal Obama is seeking with the Iranian government certainly will not stop that from happening.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl pressed White House spokesman Josh Earnest concerning a New York Times report that Iran had increased its uranium stockpile 20 percent over the last 18 months of negotiations with the Iranians.

Karl: “But you don’t dispute their finding that they have a 20 percent increase in uranium fuel over what they had at the start of these negotiations?”

Earnest: “Uh, no.”

Karl: “You’re not concerned about that, you don’t see this as a sign of Iran cheating or not complying?”

Earnest: “In fact, the IAEA doesn’t see it that way either, I think first it’s important for us to note that the reason that we can verify the precise size of Iran’s nuclear uranium stockpile is because we do have these monitoring measures in place, and because of that monitoring we can verify their compliance with the agreement.”

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